The Outer Hebrides are the most north western point in Europe. At approximately 40 miles off the NW coast of Scotland we are open to the full force of the North Atlantic storms in the winter. This weather and sea combination have shaped and moulded this remote chain of islands into some of the most diverse and dramatic scenery in Britain. This fact is what makes the Hebrides such a perfect place to catch any swell (waves) that are heading towards Britain. Its consistency in surfing terms is arguably the best in the country, if not Northern Europe. Our location on the Isle of Lewis puts us in an unprecedented position for teaching surfing, because, if one side of the island is not suitable for lessons, the other usually is.

We have a fantastic array of beaches, reefs, points and headlands that offer a wide variety of surf for beginners, intermediates and experts. The island chain has a huge number of beaches to choose from ranging from the merely beautiful to the exceptionally stunning. Whether you are just visiting or you are here for a surf, then the Outer Hebrides has something to offer you.

Surfing with the backdrop of the islands rugged scenery can be an altogether different experience from surfing in other more crowded places in Britain. Clear, clean water and lonely beaches can only emphasise the experience we hope to bring to our lessons. The Outer Hebrides has many ancient historical sites to visit such as the famous "Callanish Stones ' possibly the most famous standing circle in the world after Stone Henge. Stornoway and the surrounding areas has a busy night life and some fine dining and accommodation .

The surrounding areas of Lewis and Harris have fantastic opportunities for Brown, Sea Trout and Salmon Fishing, let alone the sea fishing. The coastal waters around the Hebrides are warmer than most of Scotland because of our proximity to the Gulf Stream, which brings warmer waters up from the Southern Atlantic.

An abundant sea life thrives in our waters with many to be seen, whether diving or simply walking on the beach. Dolphins porpoises, whales and Orca can all be seen at the right time of year, as well as the ever present seal and seabird populations.

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